Matchday 6

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Matchday 6 Empty Matchday 6

Post by Drix on Tue Dec 13, 2016 9:28 pm

Oreo HC vs Sheepshaggers
[5:30] Koekiemonsterx
[14:02] Hulk (B4D)
[15:43] Koekiemonsterx (Swift)*

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Matchday 6 Empty Re: Matchday 6

Post by Flash on Thu Dec 15, 2016 5:37 pm

i would like to add (real talk) i got faked in this game
first of all, i never have a different avatar than 6
secondly, bad ass asked me to if it's alright if he fakes me, i didn't reply as i was watching everton v arsenal. Even though B4D 4SS told me it's against the rules, he still faked me without me even replying (I would obvs said no).
Also, swift told me to ''fucking play'' even though B4D 4SS probably told him i was afk. I also heard that Swift asked B4D 4SS if he can fake me.
please can the admins deal with this.

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