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Post by Drix on Sat Nov 12, 2016 2:34 pm

What is the draft system?
A draft system is a system where captains each take turns to pick from a group of players who have signed up to the draft. This means that any player can play for any team. To be take part in the draft all you need to do is signup in the "Draft Sign Up" thread. This allows a captain to pick you. When a captain picks you, that means you play for his team.

Why does this league run a draft system?
The reason why this league runs a draft system is because it keeps the league fresh and interesting. It also increases the chances of new players playing in the league and also evens out the quality of the league - every team has a fair chance of beating another. This system is proven successful and has been used in a variety of leagues (Premhax) for the aforementioned reasons.Also, this league is the only 4v4 Draft league in Europe so it's something unique.

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